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What kind of website is right for me ?

A good website is not the biggest, the brightest, the most graphic-packed website! As it sometimes takes these site too long to load and the customer is likely to just click away. At Lakefront Design we don't set limits on your vision by only allowing you to use a certain number of images, graphics, or other media to build the site of your dreams.We work closely with each client to design a website that accurately reflects who they are or what their business image is while still making sure their site is user friendly.
It is our position to allow you free rein over the contents of your pages while still advising you of the most efficient design, Other companies will gladly combine all the features you want without question, what they often leave out is how all these extras will effect the load time for your site and how it affects the visitor. Whether it's a small home page for families to share photos across the country, a small business site or a fully functional virtual mall lakefront can guide you through the process to create a web presence that right for your needs.

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