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What does a custom website cost?

If you have spent any time looking for a website designer you have undoubtedly seen more than a few packages, We do not have package prices simply because we do not have packages. Unlike many of the new popular free web site builders you see on television we don't have a few design that you can change a few words on and click to put your picture here or there. At lakefront Design each site is designed to custom suit your needs, we don't set limits on the amount of graphics or other elements you wish to have on your pages..
Lakefront Design can incorporate your companies logo or existing custom art work directly into your website, or based on individual needs we can create custom artwork, logo and even create a complete online identity for your site. There are also many custom options for having your site hosted, maintained, updated, and promoted. We again here tailor our services to each customers needs on a case by case basis. So whether you need a page to share photos with friends and family, a small business site or a complex suite of web services. We have all the skills, knowledge, and tools to build the website you have in mind.

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